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✨ SPECIAL SALE ✨ 50% OFF + Free Shipping

[60% OFF] Dermalumae™ Professional New 2022 LED Shield

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LED Light Therapy has never been so simple. 

The Dermalumae™ Professional New 2022 LED Shield is the first LED Mask to offer a completely hands-free experience. You just need your hands to place it on your face and turn it on. The perfect tool if you’re looking for a beautifying pick me up with no downtime.

The shield is light and transparent allowing you to go about your life however you want, while treating your skin.

CE Marking.

LED light therapy

LED stands for light-emitting diode. It was originally developed by NASA in the 1960’s to grow plants and experiment in space. Since then they have shown promising results in wound healing and tissue growth.  LED Light Therapy is a facial treatment that uses narrow band, non-thermal LED light energy to trigger your body’s natural cell processes to accelerate rejuvenation and repair of the skin. It’s recommended for skin rejuvenation, sun damage, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitive and inflammatory conditions, wound healing and scarring as well as anyone looking to restore skin’s radiance. 

What are the benefits

LED or "light-emitting diode,” works by emitting infrared light (causing heat) in specific wavelengths/spectrums, which have different skincare benefits. It has been shown to speed healing, boost anti-aging properties, and kill bacteria.

RED Light Therapy

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reducing inflammation and signs of aging, that means less fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation while improving circulation, giving you a healthy glow.(Wavelength between 620nm to 750nm)

BLUE Light Therapy

This antibacterial light is used to kill the bacteria that leads to breakouts, making it ideal for treating acne-prone skin, rosacea and even helping with the battle against severe pimples like cysts and nodules. Blue light also offers a UV-free alternative from the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. (Wavelength between 476nm to 495nm)

ORANGE Light Therapy

This shade is effective in the treatment of skin issues involving redness. Orange is used to flush waste from the skin. It revitalises the skin, reducing any swelling and increasing radiance. It will boost lymphatic flow, increase cellular growth and aid in the production of new skin cells. (Wavelength of between 590nm to 620nm)

How to use

Before you begin, ensure your mask is charged using provided Micro-USB cable (est. 20-30mins).

1. Cleanse your skin and apply your favorite serum and moisturizer.

2. Place the mask on your face.

3. Turn it on by pressing the power button.

4. Click that same button to choose your treatment color. RED, BLUE or ORANGE.

5. To turn it off hold that same button for 3 seconds. Wipe it down with a gentle cloth and store it in a cool dry place.

Light Settings

You can use the mask everyday with any setting, we suggest up to 20 minutes per color. If you are sensitive to light we suggest starting your LED treatments in a well-lit room and closing your eyes.

To Clean
Simply swipe with rubbing alcohol


Delivery & Returns
Free Worldwide Shipping. No import tax/duties. 1 year warranty. Our 100% satisfied customer policy allows you to return your product within 30 days of the purchase.


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