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✨ SPECIAL SALE ✨ 50% OFF + Free Shipping

[50% OFF] Dermalumae™ The V-Shape LED Therapy

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As we age, collagen breaks down, resulting in a loss of strength and elasticity in our skin. The V-Face LED Therapy steps in to jump-start the body’s own process, stimulating and producing new collagen and elastin. The result, natural-looking skin tightening, toning, and lifting without surgery or downtime*. Through non-invasive ultrasound therapy, we can lift the neck, chin and brow; and improve lines and wrinkles in 2-3 days.

Works deep enough into the structural support layers of the skin, enabling it to produce incredible lift and contouring effects. Some might call it the non-surgical face lift!

The V-Face LED Therapy rejuvenates, shapes and repairs your chin and jaw areas with the use of red and blue LED light therapy, plus vibration. It is easy to use in the comfort and privacy of your home being USB  rechargeable.

Light-weight, portable, and crafted from soft, medical-grade silicone, our Portable Professional Advanced LED Mask works on all skin tones and types within 10 minutes. The mask delivers clinically-proven red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm wavelengths to plump, hydrate, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve hydration.


1. Red light: Improve skin cell activity, promote metabolism, and enhance collagen re-growth. Promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and skin repair treatment results

2. Blue light:Can suppress common skin inflammation quickly, calm skin, clean, sterilize and protect skin. Strengthen skin absorption and repair compound, To achieve oil balance, skin whitening, fade pigment, skin rejuvenation, smooth wrinkles, and shrink pores treatment results

3. Infrared therapy: Promote blood circulation, revive enzyme, make skin spontaneous breathing smooth, slow down melanin, prevent acne and other sub-healthy skin condition.

4. Vibration: Soothing facial muscles, improving the strength of fine muscles, and increase face elasticity, lift and firm skin, to create V-shaped face.

Suggested use

1. Can be operated with essence, helping nutrients absorption

2. Recommended to use twice a week

3. Auto shut down after 10 minutes in each mode.


Photon Therapy: 48 LED lights ensure efficient photon therapy. 3 different working modes of blue and red light enable different skincare functions for more personal enjoyment.

Strong V-Face Shaping Result: Can effectively fix the face contours, make the face smaller and smoother. V-shaped face creator for every beautiful you.

Ergonomic Design: This face massager fits the facial profile perfectly, tighten your sagging skin and present compact and bright skin condition.

Portable and Easy Operation: Easy to carry and easy to use, you can adjust the intensity according to your own needs, use it wherever and whenever for efficient face slimming results.

Smartly and Widely Applicable: Ergonomic design perfectly fits for human face contour, foldable ring shape with adjustable belt meets various face shapes and sizes.

Strong Functions: Reduces the effect of fat-tight V-face, Preventing the aging.

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