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✨ SPECIAL SALE ✨ 50% OFF + Free Shipping

[50% OFF] DermaLumae™ Professional EMS-LED Handset

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It is an advanced, handset, easy to use, non-invasive and cost-effective skin rejuvenation device, making treatments effective, enjoyable and pain-free at the comfort of your home.


There is a lot of focus on our faces when it comes to beauty products and devices, so you can imagine how excited we were to find something that we could use on our hands, arms, legs, bum and back as well as our faces

Age, diet, weather, hormones, whatever it is, your skin and complexion are constantly changing and we think you should be able to adapt your skincare routine whenever you need. So check out this gold mine of a beauty product we’ve found, tried, and ultimately fell in love with. 

We’re talking about the Dermalumae handset. This device not only allows you to treat your face but your entire body as well!  Think about cellulite, stretch marks, bumpy skin, fine lines, dark spots, bruises, and aged hands...Now that you’ve thought about it, say goodbye!


What places the Dermalumae handset above all others?

It uses EMS micro-current massage, LED light therapy, hot and cold functions, so you are getting 3 different therapies in 1 device.  


What are those treatments and how do they work?

EMS stands for electro muscle stimulation. The DermaLumae handset sends out micro-currents to stimulate the muscle thus making them stronger, tighter, and leaner, resulting in a mini facelift or wherever you decide to use it. EMS also speeds up cell renewal and new cells mean fresh skin!

LED (light-emitting diode) therapy is used by doctors and estheticians around the world, as a leading therapy in skincare. You may have seen celebrities like Chrissy Teigan, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, or Julia Roberts using these glowing, light-up masks, those are LED light therapy masks.

The DermaLumae handset offers red and blue LED light therapies.

The red light will help with skin elasticity, to keep that skin nice and tight. The blue light is anti-bacterial therefore disinfecting/cleaning your skin on a whole new level. So if enlarged pores, blemishes, or acne are an issue for you they won’t be with help of the blue light. Don’t forget you can use this all over your body, so bumpy arms or those random zits we sometimes get on our behinds can be treated.


We absolutely love the hot and cold settings.

The heat setting opens your pores to allow creams and serums to absorb into your skin more easily and the cool setting closes your pores to seal in all the goodness. You are essentially getting more out of your creams, we spend so much on them how could we not enjoy something that is going to help us maximize our fave products. 


The Dermalumae handset allows you to become your own aesthetician.

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