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What if I already have jowls?

What kind of solution is best for Sagging Neck & Jowls?

It’s a common myth that ageing happens at a constant pace. In fact everyone above the age of 45 would be able to tell you the specific year in which they feel they aged five years instead of one. That sudden dip occurs at different ages for different people depending on lifestyle, medical condition and stress levels!

And one of the first and the most noticeable sign of ageing are sagging jowls. Jowls are small tissue pockets on your face that develop along the jawline due to loss of elasticity as collagen production decreases with age. With the continued effect of gravity on our tissues, the sagging jowls become increasingly visible as time goes by.

The good news is that you need not resort to invasive cosmetic surgeries or Botox that have painful repercussions and adverse side effects.

How do sagging jowls form?

Sagging jowls are when the skin loosens and sags below your chin and along your jawline. It becomes sagging and formed with wrinkles.
Over time, the skin in your cheeks and below your jawline loses much of its collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein that makes up the connective tissue in your body. Elastin is another connective tissue protein that lets your skin return to its normal shape even after being stretched.
Most often, the extent of your own sagging jowls depends on preventative measures and genetics. The worse jowls your parents have, the likelier you are to struggle with them later in life.

How to Prevent Sagging Jowls?

Genetics aside, preventing sagging jowls will inevitably prolong the time it takes for them to appear. Preventative measures include some of the same treatments for sagging jowls below.

But many anti-aging treatments to restore collagen and elasticity will help prevent sagging below your jaw. Some of those include Laser treatments, Ultrasound, Microneedling, Light Therapy, Botox, and more.

Need some help for a saggy chin and neck area?

The V-Face Light Therapy corrects sagging jowls giving a natural-looking lift without any surgery - all this, in just under 2-3 weeks, without surgery or needles. The best thing is the devices do not cause much pain. Most people notice an immediate initial lifting and firming after the treatment but full results take up to three months and lasts for almost two years.
The technology reduces the appearance of double chin and tightens saggy skin and helps with a more V-shaped contour and more defined jawline for the face.
One woman said that she loved the way the warmth felt on her skin while using for treatment. Another reviewer said that at age 59 she wasn’t sure if anything would help her sagging jawline. After 20 minutes of regular use according to the directions, she was very pleased with the noticeable improvement. Another satisfied customer said that she has used the V-Face ever since it first came out, and absolutely loves this tool. She said she has tried several other brands and always comes back to this one.

How's it work?

The V-Face Lift Light Therapy combines 2 amazing technologies : ultrasound and led light therapy.

This technology uses ultrasound waves to trigger our bodies’ natural healing response promoting the regeneration of collagen. The beauty of ultrasonic technology is that these waves penetrate the deeper layers of skin without causing any damage to the surface of the skin - hence, there is no redness and no risk of scarring.

The V-Face Lift Light Therapy deliver energy at three depths.This has allowed us to achieve similar muscle lift as in a surgical facelift, without any scars, although to a lesser degree. Generation of collagen in these deeper layers lifts and tightens saggy areas and in the superficial layers, it helps in improving skin tone, and softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Led Therapy?

Light therapy is one of the popular trends in the beauty and anti aging niche due to its safe and effective results. There are three main types of light therapy to choose from, each with their distinct features and properties that work for the best skin care regimen.

Infrared Light
The first type of light therapy uses infrared light with wavelengths of 830nm. The light beams penetrate the skin on an in-depth level, allowing it to perform intracellular stimulation. Infrared light promotes skin tightening and firming but it is a remarkable remedy for pain relief and wound healing.

Blue Light
With a wavelength of 415nm, blue light therapy is mainly for the treatment of acne and other bacterial skin infections. Blue light has antibacterial properties and works for the treatment of redness and inflammation on the skin. The blue light emission targets acne-causing bacteria called P. Acnes, killing off the bacteria through releasing an oxygen free radical once it penetrates the skin.

Red Light
Red light therapy is best for anti aging purposes with its ability to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. These protein fibres are natural substances in the body, however, aging causes a reduction in their re-growth. Red light has a wavelength of 630nm and penetrates the skin to activate cellular activities and production of new cells. A boost in collagen and elastin production makes the skin more resilient, firmer, and tighter in the process. It also helps retain the skin moisture and improves skin tone and texture.

Why Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin tightening and firming through light therapy becomes safe, natural, and effective. The treatment method is painless and does not require downtime so that you can go back to your regular routine in no time. Light therapy offers tangible and positive results but it is more affordable and practical compared to invasive cosmetic surgeries. Clinical researches and studies support the efficacy of light therapy in skin renewal and rejuvenation.
Skin maturity is one of the inevitable possibilities in life. Your skin naturally ages and shows off signs of aging such as sagging skin. Good thing you have various options to reverse skin aging with skin tightening and firming regimen. You can always choose the hassle-free home remedies or go the extra mile with effective and safe light therapy for skin reborn.

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