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✨ SPECIAL SALE ✨ 50% OFF + Free Shipping

[50% OFF] DermaLumae™ Professional LED Therapy Mask

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Original Price $299.90
Current Price $149.95

Now You Can Experience LED Light Therapy Used By Dermatologists and Estheticians Right In The Comfort Of Your Home!

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  • Include the mask and the neck attachement


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With Visible Results In Just 2-3 Days!


What is DermaLumae™ LED Light Therapy?

DermaLumae™ Professional LED Light Therapy Mask uses the latest therapeutic LED technology in skin care. The technology has been around for decades, and is commonly used by dermatologists and estheticians as an in-office treatment to help reduce inflammation after facials, minimize breakouts, and give an overall boost. However, In-office treatments costs $250 - $350 per session.

With DermaLumae™, you can experience the same benefits and more right in the comfort of your home. “LED light is one of the best treatments because it boosts collagen in the skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, speeds up healing, and increases circulation for that amazing glow.”

DermaLumae™ utilizes 7 different color LEDs, each are scientifically proven to have it's own use or benefits. For example, “Blue LED light kills acne-causing bacteria to clear up existing breakouts and prevent new ones from forming.”


How It Works

DermaLumae™ Face Mask with Neck Piece has seven different built-in color LED lights that you can conveniently switch through, each color treating the skin in different aspects.

RED - Anti-Aging, Promotes Collagen, Tightens loose skin, Increases elasticity, Revitalizes Cells, and Improves Blood Circulation.

BLUE - Sterilizes Acne-Producing Bacteria, Shrinks Sebaceous Glands, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, and Promotes Oxygen.

GREEN - Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Balances Oily Skin, Relieves Mental Stress, and Promotes Lymphatic Drainage.

WHITE - Penetrates Skin Deepest; Speeds Up Skin Metabolism, Tightens loose skin, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, and Reduces Inflammation & Scarring.

PURPLE - Anti-Aging, Sterilizes Acne-Producing Bacteria, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, and Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

CYAN - Reduces Swollen Capillaries, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, and Relieves Mental Stress.

YELLOW - Stimulates Red Blood Cells, Reduces Pigmentation, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, and Reduces Redness.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x DermaLumae™ Set LED Therapy Mask (with Neck Piece)
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 8 x Detachable Electrodes
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x User Manual


Light up your skin, be colorful, be you...
start using DermaLumae™ Today!


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