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Now You Can Experience LED Light Therapy Used By Dermatologists and Estheticians Right In The Comfort Of Your Home!
With Visible Results In Just 2-3 Days!
Professional LED Therapy Mask for Psoriasis
Original Price: $299.95

Flash Sale: $149.95
Save $150!

Offer valid until November 19th, 2020.
What is Dermalumae™ LED Light Therapy for Psoriasis?
Dermalumae™ Professional LED Light Therapy Mask uses the latest therapeutic LED technology in skin care. The technology has been around for decades, and is commonly used by dermatologists and estheticians as an in-office treatment to help reduce Psoriasis, kill the bacteria and give an overall boost. However, In-office treatments costs $250 - $350 per session.

With Dermalumae™, you can experience the same benefits and more right in the comfort of your home. “LED light is one of the best treatments because it boosts collagen in the skin, reducing the Psoriasis, killing the bacteria and increases circulation for that amazing glow.”
Dermalumae™ utilizes 7 different color LEDs, each are scientifically proven to have it's own use or benefits. For example, “Blue LED light kills acne-causing bacteria to clear up existing breakouts and prevent new ones from forming.”
How It Works
Dermalumae™ Face Mask with Neck Piece has seven different built-in color LED lights that you can conveniently switch through, each color treating the skin in different aspects.
RED - Reduce Psoriasis, Promotes Collagen, Tightens loose skin, Increases elasticity, Revitalizes Cells, and Improves Blood Circulation.
BLUE - Sterilizes Acne-Producing and Psoriasis Bacteria, Shrinks Sebaceous Glands, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, and Promotes Oxygen.
GREEN - Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Balances Oily Skin, Relieves Mental Stress, and Promotes Lymphatic Drainage.
WHITE - Penetrates Skin Deepest; Speeds Up Skin Metabolism, Tightens loose skin, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, and Reduces Inflammation & Scarring.
PURPLE - Anti-Aging, Sterilizes Acne-Producing Bacteria, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, and Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles.
CYAN - Reduces Swollen Capillaries, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, and Relieves Mental Stress.
YELLOW - Stimulates Red Blood Cells, Reduces Pigmentation, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, and Reduces Redness.
Advance Technology

  •  ​   Includes detachable micro-current electrodes. These electrodes emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents (hence 'micro' current), which mirror your own body's electrical currents, on a cellular level to repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

  •    Unlike other LED Masks where you have to close your eyes, Dermalumae™ is designed and built to protect the eyes so you can read or watch while having your light therapy.

  •    With state-of-the-art LED technology, Dermalumae™ has 198 LED lights which penetrates deeper in the skin and treats the entire face and neck.

  •    Dermalumae™ is expertly engineered to securely and comfortably cover your face and neck with a face mask and neck piece.
How To Use In 4 Easy Steps

1. WASH - Gently cleanse your face and pat dry with a clean towel.

2. CONNECT - Plug the USB connectors (mask and neck piece) and power adapter to the controller.
3. SET - Use the controller to adjust the intensity, length of time, and preferred color. You can also set the colors to rotate all at once.
4. SIT BACK & RELAX - Allow Dermalumae™ to work wonders on your skin while you rest.

Light up your skin, be colorful, be you...
start using

Dermalumae™ for Psoriasis Today!

Offer valid until November 19th, 2020.

What's in the Box?

1 x Dermalumae™ LED Therapy Mask for Psoriasis
1 x Detachable LED Neck Piece

1 x Power Adapter
8 x Detachable Electrodes
1 x Controller
1 x User Manual

What our users say:
Over 10,000 Customer Reviews Have Been Sent In!

 Jennifer K.

Florida, United States
"I purchased this product together with my sister because the reviews were compelling and this mask was a great deal compared to others. The box and instructions are professional and all of the lights work.
I'm on my third week now and it still works great and I'm seeing incredible results! My friend, who is also or was (lol) my esthetician saw me using the mask when she visited and she was surprised about the quality compared to what she's saw and researched on the market.
I’d recommend purchasing here if you want to try LED light therapy."

 Sarah H.

Texas, United States
"Of course it works! LED therapy has been around for many years but it used to be only available in clinics and costs a lot.
I chose to purchase Dermalumae because it has advance led tech and more leds than any other led masks or device.
I have nothing bad to say about the product, quality is excellent, it fits comfortably around my face and neck, I get 7 different treatments in one device, price is affordable. I just love it!"

 Christina E.

London, United Kingdom
"I love this mask and I have been using it every day since it arrived. I often use red which promotes collagen production by increasing blood circulation in the area.
Yes, I did my research! It penetrates into your skin and helps promote tender skin, prevents wrinkles, and repairs damaged skin.
I'll try other colors after I learn what it does."

 Mary P.

California, United States
"Thumbs up to this amazing product! I have tried a few other LED masks but nothing compares to this!
It has more LED lights, it covers my entire face, the intensity is adjustable, you can easily change the color and you can set the time to make sure you don't overdo it.
Absolutely worth every penny!"

 Brittany T.

Ontario, Canada

"It actually works! I'm only 30 but have always been told to look older, I admit I do have tired looking skin. I have been using the mask for two weeks now and I'm already pleased with the results.

My skin is now smoother, and tighter.
The "parentheses" around my mouth has lessened a bit. I'm expecting it only to get better.
I started out using each light for 5 min each, the strength of it on 3. I have increased the red to 4, and green/blue to 5-6 minutes, with the strength now at 3.
I intend to increase gradually although I know LED therapy is safe. Overall, I am happy with my purchase."

 Abigail W.

Sydney, Australia

"Dermalumae had great reviews and was cost effective so I ordered one last week for my acne outbreak and scarring. Of course I was super eager so I used it everyday for the first 5 days.

I did 20 minutes on blue and then 20 minutes on red. I wanted to treat acne and scarring at the same time, so I sacrificed 40 minutes of my time each day.
Now, I can see acne scars are less noticeable and further outbreaks was prevented.
Take note, I've only been on it for 5 days. I have no regrets purchasing this product."
Money Back Guarantee
If you're unhappy in any way with your purchase we will make it right. At your request we will process a refund or replace the product. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.
Professional LED Therapy Mask for Psoriasis
Original Price: $299.95

Flash Sale: $149.95
Save $150!

Offer valid until November 19th, 2020.
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